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At Inner Light Healing Arts, I'm honored to partner with you on your path to Wellness. I believe in supporting the inherent healing capacities within you. Join me on this transformative journey toward optimum health and wholeness to rediscover your own inner light.

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Katie Curtis, LMT
Katie Curtis is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Upledger Craniosacral Therapy. She combines specialized training and anatomical knowledge with her grounded, intuitive presence. Katie is passionate about holistic well being. Her focus is to help facilitate pain relief , create a deeper connection to one's self and a natural flow between body, mind and spirit. Katie resides in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana and enjoys a close connection with nature.
Craniosacral Therapy
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Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands on therapy that facilitates the body's natural ability to heal. It releases tension in the central nervous system so the entire body can let go, unwind and self correct. Wearing comfortable clothing you lie or recline on a soft massage table as we gently address restrictions in your body. As your nervous system moves out the stressful state of daily life you may feel relief of pain,profound relaxation, new insights, and increased vitality.
SomatoEmotional Release
Somato Emotional Release (SER) is an approach within Craniosacral therapy that focuses on the release of emotional energy trapped in the body tissues due to past trauma. When we don't have the resources to process these emotions in the moment they become stuffed down for “later”. Releasing the blocked energy of these emotions in a safe place with support allows us to reclaim the vitality that has been locked away from us. SER supports integration of body and mind and can facilitate clarity and better communication between the parts of ourselves that long to be acknowledged and integrated. SomatoEmotional Release can be incorporated in a Craniosacral Therapy Session if desired.


Here are a few of the services Katie can provide

About Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

  • Whole body treatment for pain relief and deep relaxation
  • Focusing on the head neck and spine and pelvis
  • Gentle and effective for all ages
About IntraOral Mouthwork

IntraOral Mouthwork Sessions

  • Precision relief for head, neck, and jaw
  • Gentle technique using gloved hands
  • Tailored solutions for jaw tension, TMJ, and more
Quantum Energy Alignment

Quantum Energy Alignment

  • Feeling stuck, discontent or disconnected?
  • Repeating patterns that don’t serve you?
  • Prefer to receive sessions from the comfort of home?
Prenatal Bodywork

Prenatal Bodywork

  • Helps Soothe aches and pains to support healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Traditional massage and craniosacral techniques

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